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Music for Digital Media Module Code: AF230006S

Music for Digital Media allows students the opportunity, with the aid of appropriate technology, to compose and realise original music to accompany a film. Students will become familiar with the different roles of music in audio post-production of film. They will develop an understanding of film cues, hit points, underscores, musical anticipation and heightening of dramatic tension. They will also begin to understand the narrative (diegetic) and atmospheric (when used non-diegetically) role of music. Students may either work with supplied material, or with other students undertaking complementary work within related media production modules. A range of techniques will be examined, together with a consideration of approaches to film music composition from selected commercial and noncommercial film composers. A related element of the course deals with the issues surrounding the creation of audio content for videogames. An exploration of the evolution of related technology and its aesthetic implications is complemented by practical explorations of audio and music for games. Interactive and Dynamic Audio are explored and students are guided through creative responses to key videogame genres. These approaches will be assessed by undertaking a series of practical exercises designed to acquaint students with a variety of film scoring techniques as well as an overview of contemporary trends in game audio. The module portfolio is accompanied by a brief critical evaluation that should place the student…s work in the context of current trends in film music writing as well as providing a basis for the student…s own criteria and judgement. The skills acquired in this module should provide a good basis for further exploration into the videogame industry which is now a significant employer of composers and sound designers.

This part of my degree is of the most interest to me, I’m keen to learn how sounds of orchestral and digital forms are used in the professional industries to create atmosphere, energy, suspense through out films and game. One particular video that I looked at during my last semester in Studio project describes some of the techniques and technologies used when scoring for the James Cameron film Avatar. Well worth watching:

Second to the musical part I’m also looking forward to introducing sound effects (sound of running steps, shots from a gun, the slam of door etc). Using software applications to map actions to sound etc. Check out:

Bring on the next 12 weeks of Music for Digital Media, Onwards and Upwards … DJ


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Test for Google Reader

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